Thanks, Jeremy, for taking the posters and OPH materials

The other night, Jeremy came by and took all of the posters and OPH
materials. All I have left now is the Pride Parade signs that were too
big to fit in his convertible. I assume that the next sign-making party
will be at my place anyway (whether for tax day or pride, since I'm in
the neighborhood for both) so I suppose I can just hold onto those. But
let's start selling these posters ASAP so Jeremy isn't having to leave
them to his grandkids, okay? My offer of 2 weeks of storage turned into
three months, during which we sold maybe six posters, so let's see if we
can't ramp that up. I gave Jeremy about a dozen empty USPS mailing
tubes along with the posters, so we are ready to sell these on the
webpage as long as the price includes the $4.60 for USPS Priority
shipping (priority mail is only a few cents more than parcel post, and
they have free unattended residential pickup so Jeremy isn't wasting
time running stuff to the post office). IIRC, this was why we said the
price is $5 if picked up in person or $10 if mailed. If the webmaster
needs any help from me with this, please speak up.

BTW, I still have the OPH materials that I personally own -- an easel,
framed WSPQ, folding tables, quizzes, pens, and brochures that I bought
in 2005 to do Boston Pride. I even have a 10x10 booth tent that's
almost as substantial as the one EBLP lends us each year. So if there's
ever a crunch time when we need to do an OPH but Jeremy is unavailable
or something, just give me a call. For instance, Brian is taking this
stuff with him to the Outright table at the CLC conference in Reno this
weekend, so he and Beau can give Dick Armey the Quiz. :wink: