Thanks for the Help! / Dolores Park outreach opportunity [1 Attachment]


  Thank YOU for your tireless work at the booth, including set-up and tear-down! I felt bad about not making it down there on Sunday. I'm delighted to hear that you feel it went well overall and that we got lots of people leaving their contact info. Hopefully some of them will materialize into activists.

  Idea for next year: Having a few people walk around Dolores Park carrying signs and handing out fliers could be very effective (and unlike our booth, wouldn't involve paying hundreds of dollars to the Pride organization). I walked around the park on Saturday with the Bradley Manning sign that I afterward brought to the booth at Pride. There were thousands of people there (see attached photo), and I didn't see *anybody* else carrying a sign. The fact that the park is largely on a hillside made it even more visible than it would have been in a flat, open space with a similar crowd. I was stopped by a reporter for Vice magazine (a cool publication by the way if you haven't checked it out, mostly focused on alternative culture, but with some fascinating political stuff here and there -- who knew for instance that North Korea has labor camps in Russia? -- and we had a good conversation and he took my photo.

  I'd initially gone to the park to try to find an artists' Meetup that was supposed to be happening, but it was so crowded I couldn't find them (my idea was to try to connect with artists who might be interested in helping draw my political cartoon ideas or creating other pro-freedom art). Apparently Dolores Park is known for being super-crowded on Pride weekend, notwithstanding all the other people at the festival downtown -- something I hadn't fully realized since I've generally gone to the festival when I've been in town -- and so their Meetup group figured it would be an ideal place to go and draw people. If the weather is anything like this year and we brought along something like sunblock to offer (we could probably obtain a bunch of those little packets of it at low cost) or cold water in spray bottles to refresh people, that could be quite popular.

Love & Liberty,
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