Thanks for help with website

Hi Aubrey,

Thanks for sending the screen shot of what you see on the LPSF website JCE Editor. Yep, no publishing button, just like Starchild and Matt had indicated. It is fixed now, and Publishers (you, Starchild, and Matt) are back to being able to submit and publish their own articles.

The new Joomla 2.5 presents some things differently than did the old 1.5. So, just to make sure: To write and publish your articles, log in with your password on the front-end log-in box, click "Submit Article on the User Menu," write your article on the JCE Editor, click the options at the bottom of the JCE Editor: choose what category you want (news, issues), choose if you want to "Feature" your article (put it on the front page), choose if you want to publish your article right away (Published/Unpublished).

I tested the Publishers' ability to do all that, and all seems OK to me. But, please let me know if you encounter some problems I missed when you try to do any articles.