Text-Message Opportunity

This evening in the Castro, there was a giant image being projected onto the side of the Castro Theater from a van parked across the street. It featured Bush and Cheney, with Bush asking Cheney "What do we do next?" and Cheney responding with words that people submit via text message (when I saw it, someone had texted in "Kill some kittens.")

  I spoke with one of the folks responsible for the van, which turned out to have been paid for as a "guerilla" operation by left-leaning phone company Working Assets. She said the Castro Theater had asked them to leave, but that they were going to be heading around to other locations tonight (not sure for how much longer). To submit some words for Dick to say in response to George, send a text message to 30644.

  Some suggestions (I suspect they have to be fairly short due to space limitations):

"Stop Ron Paul!"
"Declare a State of Emergency."
"Read the Constitution. Ha ha, just kidding!"
"Stop the torture. Ha ha, just kidding!"
"Get out of Iraq. Ha ha, just kidding!"
"End the IRS. Ha ha, just kidding!"
"I suggest a 'false flag' operation."
"Have Ron Paul arrested!"
"Have Ron Paul killed!"
"More corporate subsidies?"
"Bully those wimps in Congress!"
"Let's call Diebold."
"Have the CIA disrupt www.RonPaul2008.com"

Love & Liberty,
          ((( starchild )))