Terrific LP press release: "Libertarians call federal worker pay gap 'appalling'"

The national LP put out a terrific and timely press today. It is sure to resonate with the public, many of whom don't have jobs at all during this economic downturn and would be grateful to be making even $61,051 a year, when they learn that their tax dollars are subsidizing "public servants" to the tune of more than twice that much on average.

  I'm also glad to see the "Minimum Government - Maximum Freedom" slogan being prominently displayed (this was the most radical of several proposed slogans on which LP members were recently surveyed, and the response that got the most votes if I'm not mistaken). Kudos to national chair Mark Hinkle and executive director Wes Benedict on a job well done!

  Now if we could only get rid of that ugly Statue of Liberty logo with the blacked-out face, and the dumb "1-800-ELECT-US" phone number, and the expensive Watergate office at 2600 Virginia Avenue...

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))