Tenderloin Drug Free Zones

Dear All;

Soon to be in a City near you - Drug Free Zones.
The only problem is the definiton of the Drug Free
Zone and what happen sif you are in a Drug Free
Zone and what the police can do to you if
you are caught in a Drug Free Zone.

This is the description of the Drug Free Zone:

temporary areas where police have broad
powers to break up groups suspected of
peddling drugs. When an area like that is
identified, the police chief will announce
that it is a drug zone. Signs will be posted,
and warnings announced.

At that point, police officers don't have
to see a drug transaction taking place.
They only need to "reasonably believe"
that two or more people are congregating
to "use, purchase, or sell illegal drugs."
Officers can go up to those people and tell
them they are in violation of the drug-free
zone and must disperse. If they
don't, they can be arrested.

So the Polizei decide where the Drug Free
Zone is and then decide what the activities
are that violate the Drug Free Zone then
arrest all in the Drug Free Zone.

The Drug Free Zone is modeled after the
program started in Wash DC and has as
one of its elements: Some behavior is
exempt from the D.C. law, including
collecting names on petitions, campaigning,
collecting community support and
"discussing political or religious topics."

So if a drug dealer gets religion in the
Drug Free Zone will he be busted???


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Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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