Tell Our Leader Not to Sign

Tell Obama not to sign the Spending Bill. Tell Obama to tell US Congress he
will not sign the bill unless Congress gives him more money. He cannot get
by with just 1.1 Trillion dollars so he should demand more money from

Sam Sloan

I wouldn't advise it, Sam; I'm afraid they won't get the sarcasm!

  Hope you're also being sarcastic about calling Obama "our leader". Speaking for myself, I don't have a leader. If I were to identify someone as my political leader, there are lots of people in line ahead of Obama. Depending on the context it might be Aubrey Freedman (LPSF), Nick Sarwark (LP), Justin Amash (Congress), Ron Paul (national public figure), Edward Snowden (international public figure), etc.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))