Ted Brown will run for CA LP Chair

Good news that Ted Brown is running for CALP Chair. Indeed, someone finally stepped up to the plate, so that the folks who have been so kind as to act as placeholders can finally retire. Ted is a dedicated Libertarian.

Hopefully, though, his indicating that "transparency" will be his #1 concern is a campaign slogan rather than a piece of strategy. Focusing on bickering over transparency and other methodology would be like focusing on the quality of the violin strings while Rome burned.

Hopefully, Ted will work on either personally visiting all county LP's or designating someone to do so, helping counties to engage in and publicize events and candidates, encouraging action for/against specific legislative bills that curb personal liberties and the free market, setting up ways for counties to work together on common goals. The latter, communication between LP counties, is perhaps the most "broken" situation, and could use a lot of focus.