Teabag Brownshirts Beat Up Reporter

In the 'Shapes of Things to Come' department, online Alaska Dispatch reporter, Tony Hopfinger, was brutally roughed up and detained by ex-Blackwater thugs employed by Nazi senate candidate Joe Miller.


  This should give us all a foretaste---as if we needed any more of them---of what's in store for the nation should these rats on the Right come back into power: Recent allegations of Meg Whitman's use of consumer databases to target potential supporters (and presumably opponents too); the Montana and Texas GOP platforms advocating outlawing homosexuality; Delaware dunce Christine O'Donnell ready to ban the 1st Amendment and SC Nazi Jim DeMint's call to repeal the 14th Amendment; Arpaio and his cadre of Arizona brownshirts advocating interning Latinos in camps; &c. &c &c.

  Yes the Democrats are tax-and-spend liberals and collectively, they suck. I admit that freely; but it should be obvious that this collection of Teabag Brownshirts, operating under Newt Gingrich's direction and funded by fascistic corporatists, are a far, far greater danger.

  I've fought with these fanatics on the Far Right for years, and know better than to underestimate them. I do not believe that they will relinquish power once it's in their grasp, and; no matter what the corruption of the Democrats, the alternative as it stands now is between them and outright Nazi Revolutionists who will shred whatever's left of the Constitution and give us a North American version of the Third Reich.