Tea Party messaging debate


  Eric Odom may well be the main *national* Tea Party organizer, for
all I know. We've been talking about the *local* Tea Party event
scheduled for April 15 at the Civic Center. I rather suspect there
*will* be some media there -- noon in front of City Hall is a good
place to attract them, and the fact that it's happening on Tax Day
gives them a good hook. And, of course, KSFO *is* media, and I imagine
they'll probably be broadcasting live.

  There is another local Tea Party planned for July 4 that Campaign for
Liberty people will be organizing. There may be other local Tea Party
events in the works, I'm not sure. The two announced speakers for the
Civic Center Tea Party -- KSFO's Melanie Morgan and ex-congressional
candidate Dana Walsh (the Republican who ran against Phil and Nancy
Pelosi), plus introductions by Howard Epstein, the chair of the local
Republican Party -- are all pretty strong clues that Ron Paul
supporters are *not* in charge of this event. It sounds to me like
this Sally Zelikovsky is the main organizer; at a guess, probably her
and whatever conservative friends of hers participate in these regular
meetings at her house which she mentions in the email just forwarded
by Michael Edelstein.

  My guess is that the email I forwarded from the Marin list probably
sums up the attitude of most of the local Ron Paul folks about the
Civic Center event -- annoyance at the neo-con GOP establishment for
trying to capitalize on a phenomenon developed last year, and further
propagated this spring, by Ron Paul supporters.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))