Tax Marijuana 2012 Campaign Update: March 4, 2011

Dear Steve,

I thank you for all the time, effort, and resourcefulness you've devoted to
this project.

In your note to libertarians, below, you make a strong case the act will
involve a net improvement in marijuana policy. Yet doesn't it repulse you to
advertise in the title that the act will feed the predacious state?

In addition to offending libertarian sensibilities, will overtaxed,
overburdened, financially strapped Californians really feel good about
supporting an apparent (from the title) tax act? Yes, the act has much to
recommend it, but how many voters will venture beyond the title?

Warm regards, Michael


Great idea--$$ contributions from libertarians and non-libertarians to test
various titles.

Warm regards, Michael


Terrific news!

Here are the results of my uncensored brainstorming:
The Fair Use Act
California Marijuana Sanity Act of 2012
The Humane Use Act
California Marijuana Crime Reduction Act
The Humane Prisons Act
The Safe Use Act
The Reasonable Use Act
The Marijuana Fairness Act
Safe, Fair, and Responsible Marijuana Use Act of 2012
The Marijuana Accountability Act

Thanks for asking.

Warm regards, Michael

Yikes....a veritable buffet of great names to chose from. Good job.


Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

I like the Marijuana Sanity. I would drop "California" to shorten it.

Violent Crime Reduction Act
or something similar alluding to the Mexican drug cartel violence that
wouldn't exist if mj were legal.

The Committee to Reduce Violent Crime 2012

Okay, so if we change to this new name for our committee, would you and others in your group be willing to make a contribution?

Dear All;

How about " Cops Opting Out of Marijuana ".

Ron Getty

I'm a big believer in reciprocity. I'll personally match whatever you
personally contributed to No on Prop 8 in 2007-2008. Feel free to let me
know that number off-list if you prefer.



Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, I can't speak for the others in my

As you know, there are many excellent pro-liberty causes competing for our
donations. The best way I've found to avoid the poor house and differentiate
among them involves observing the competence and effectiveness of their
organization to make a positive impact. Given your history, I'm sure you'll
do well in this regard. Once this has been confirmed with this particular
project in practice, I would be happy to make a contribution.

Warm regards, Michael