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Here's a proposed revision of the second paragraph of the tax-day flyer:

<The Libertarian Party recognizes that taking money by force�even for a good cause�is theft, and that it's a bad idea to put a bunch of everyone's money in a pot where the people with the most political influence can get it. We have principled, practical ideas about how to move toward a society where services currently provided with tax funding will be provided much better with voluntary funding.>

Regardless of what changes you make, please post the final version and call me before you print it so that I can proofread it, no matter what time it is. (I stay up very late.) It's easy for anyone to overlook a typo that another person will spot immediately.


Given the various feedback, and a last bit of input from Chris, I
came up with the following. I'll print it Tuesday morning for the
copier unless someone catches a typo or simple grammar problems that
I missed. If somebody has a better way to break up that last
sentence in the second paragraph, I'd welcome it. Otherwise, I'm
fairly settled on this content. I don't think we'll be recruiting a
lot of Christian conservatives, so I modified that part to make it
more attractive to "soccer moms"...


The US government spends $1,000,000 of taxpayers� money every five
minutes or less. Do you feel that it�s money well spent?
Unfortunately, the government says it�s not optional; if you don�t
pay your taxes, you may go to jail. Are you a pacifist forced to fund
foreign military adventures? Are you a parent forced to fund art you
consider so obscene that you have to shield your children from it? A
progressive forced to fund the Republican and Reform Party national
conventions? Want an alternative?

The Libertarian Party recognizes that taking money by force�even for
a good cause�is theft. A smaller government would not require
coercive taxes to fund, while private charities or user fees would
cover vital services of higher quality and lower cost than government
ever has been or ever will be able to provide.

Since you�ll be working until late May to pay your tax debt, here
(symbolically) is five minutes of the government�s time. Consider it
a tax refund.

To learn more, call us or visit our Web sites.

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