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Here's proposed text for the flyer handouts on Tuesday. If anyone has any
comments, please send them to the list; Rob may have time to edit the files
before printing them.


The US government spends $1,000,000 of your money every five minutes or
less. Do you feel that's money well spent? Unfortunately, the government
says it's not optional; if you don't pay your taxes, you may go to
jail. Are you a conservative Christian forced to fund art you consider
obscene? Are you a pacifist forced to fund foreign military adventures? A
progressive forced to fund the Republican and Reform Party national
conventions? Too bad!

The Libertarian Party recognizes that taking money by force - even for a
good cause - is called theft. A smaller government would not require
coercive taxes to fund, while private charities or user fees would provide
the services that government bureaucracies currently bungle.

To learn more, call us or visit our Web sites.
[contact info for LPSF, LPC, LPUS]

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  In the first paragraph, I suggest replacing the example of
conservative Christians being forced to fund art with, "Do you rely on
medical marijuana or enjoy the use of recreational drugs and resent being
forced to fund ads accusing you of supporting terrorism?" If there isn't
room for this, I would suggest also dropping the example of funding the GOP
& Reform Party conventions. If there is room, perhaps the art example could
just be moved further down in the paragraph so it isn't the first one we
cite. This is SF, after all.

  In the second paragraph, I suggest eliminating the word "called" so
that we simply say that taking money by force *is* theft.

  For the final paragraph, if there is room, I recommend "To learn
more, call us or visit us on the Web. Together we can make a difference!"

Yours in liberty,
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