Tax Dollars At Work @ Energy Department @ FBI @ Der MAD COWS House Panel

Dear Everyone;

Three separate articles.

The first is on how the Energy Department spent $330 million of the taxpayers dollars reimbursing its private contractors for their legal bills.

The second is about the todays FBI terrorist alert and the latest newest most devastating tool for terrorists - an almanac! I guess the FBI hasn't heard of the world wide web and browsers. Although they do know about libraries and getting reading lists of library patrons - without a warrant or a by your leave.

The last article is in the definite mad cow category. Dairy farmers made contribution to a House panel which SURPRISE!!!!! DID NOT ban the sale of cows considered "downers" ( too sick or injured to walk on their own ) to meat packing plants. After all, it's an extra source of revenue for dairy farmers. In addition, to those milk price support payments.

I wonder - did the money the dairy farmers used to make contributions come from the milk money handed out to them by the government which came from the taxpayers? Or was it from actual earned profits from the sale of milk and meat?

Isn't this just a wonderful country we live in or what???

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian