Taser Use By Polizei Increases Sudden Death Rates

Dear All;

This UCSF study seems to confirm the sad
facts that taser use by the polizei increases
the chances significantly for sudden death
by taser while in polizei custody. The study
reviewed polizei arrest data for 5 years
before the specific department started
using tasers and 5 years after starting
to use tasers.

Lo and behold death rates increased.

Time to ban tasers and go to less lethal
weapons like bean bag shotgun as
nationally Amnesty International
reported 156 stun gun deaths.

Let's be careful out there boys and
girls the polizei is more interested in
nailing you for driving violations than
protecting you from the bad guys.

Traffic tickets mean money in the coffers
arresting bad guys means costs and the
polizei could get hurt going after the
bad guys.

SF crime statistics going back last 5
years leaves some 350 uncleared
homicides and some 1,000 rapes and
some 18,000 armed robberies. The
bad news is that a good percentage
of those doing the homicides are the
ones responsible for the rapes and
armed roberies. Yes that's true -
think about it for awhile but not too long.

Overall clearnce rate from arrest to trial
to conviction is about 25% against all
reported major crimes.

The polizei are nothing more than crime
historians and are not legally required
to respond to a 911 call. The US
Supremes and other lower courts have
verified this fact in court rulings.

Oh yes they have!

Better to CDW without a permit -
what's that - get a permit to have
the right to protect and save your
and/or your families life/lives and
end up being tried by 12 against
being carried by 6.

Hmmm - which way should I decide?


http://snipurl.com/anmq6 [www_sfgate_com]

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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