Talking about LvMI...

This stopped clock is right 24/7. It'sCato who are apoligists for the establishments banking system. The system is a moral abomination,not just the policy.

Cato has been inWashington too long.

and besides, What is wrong with questioning the roots of the Civil War in a scholarly manner.

And Cato sullied their own reputation by jumping on the George W Bush
bandwagon early saying it was the only path to getting what they wanted
out of the administration...which was to privatize social security in
one way, shape or form. After 9/11 they stuck to this policy and played
along with the administration about the war because it was the
"practical political thing to do" to get what they wanted with social
security. That's when my checks to Cato stopped.

Well now they have the war, George Bush and nothing else and are still
trying to justify their existence. They are useless