Taking Over the MeetUp account for Restaurant & Small Business Owners

  This sounds like a worthwhile effort \-\- surely there are some small business people among the Libertarians?  I know the man who owns Renaissance Books in Riverside is a small busienss owner and very active Libertarian, but I don't think I have his e\-mail address \-\- do any of you know who I mean and, if so, can you contact him about this?  Here's awebsite that lists his store:   http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/StoreFrontDisplay?cid=975003  

I've e-mailed him via that site to ask for his e-mail address, and have copied this e-mail to Nadia, the Downtowne Bookstore in Riverside. I would think that an independent bookstore owner would be a likely candidate to take up this cause.

Thanks Letitia, I appreciate your interest and trying to help. However the nature of Meetup is that the groups are generally regional, since the point of the site is getting people together to meet up for shared interests in person. Thus I assume that all or virtually all of the 44 people currently in the group are based in the SF area.

  My thought was that it could be an opportunity to help local business owners organize to oppose anti-business regulations and such, potentially even become a kind of successor group to the San Francisco Taxpayers Association, which sadly is currently defunct. On the other hand making it too explicitly political/libertarian would likely reduce the interest level of a lot of members and prospective members.

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