Tajikistan is not a country that gets much attention in the global news, or from libertarians. But maybe it should. Not because it is so unusual, sadly, but because despite their numbers, it's too easy for those being oppressed by authoritarian regimes to be forgotten by those of us who are more fortunate and enjoy at least some amount of political freedom and basic human rights where we live.
  The over 9 million residents of this small, landlocked Asian country have been living under the same authoritarian "president" (read: dictator) since 1994. Opposition parties are banned, and dissidents are abducted, imprisoned, and even tortured. Dictator Emomali Rahmon is now apparently seeking to hand off power to his son, but this presents an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the situation:

"The recent parliamentary elections in Tajikistan are a reminder of the state of authoritarianism that exists, and the dangers that dissenting voices in the country face. The parliamentary elections have further maintained the grip of the People’s Democratic Party over the country, and it is expected that the 2020 presidential election will prolong Rahmon’s time in power or result in a succession of power in which his son, Rustam, will become president.

With the upcoming presidential election, the international community must pay close attention to the developments taking place in Tajikistan, and seize this moment to expose the human rights violations taking place in the country and place pressure on the regime. .."


  Martin Luther King said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Freedom lovers here in SF may not be able to do much about conditions in Tajikistan – but then again we can't necessarily do that much about conditions here either! Just one more thing to be aware of.

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