Taiwan set to legalize gay marriage!

From Frontiers magazine, 11/21/03:

"The government of Taiwan announced October 27 that it will legalize same-sex marriage, making the island nation the first in Asia to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

"The cabinet and the president of Taiwan are preparing the legislation jointly. In a statement, the government said the new law would be ready for parliamentary review in December.

"The bill would give same-sex couples all of the rights currently enjoyed by those in heterosexual marriages, including the right to adopt children.

"'The human rights of homosexuals have been gradually recognized by countries around the world,' the statement from the presidential office said.

"'To protect their rights, people [of the same sex] should have the right to wed and have a family based on their free will.'"

"Under existing adoption rules, gays and lesbians are not considered as prospective parents. The Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Association hailed the legislation as an act of 'goodwill' from the government.

"'It would be our pleasure to see the development. Basically, we are positive toward the goodwill from the government,' said Chan Ming-Chou, a spokesperson for the association."