[swopnorcal] Talking points on K- important


  Thanks for sending this. While I don't like to bring the paradigms of sales or marketing into politics (for reasons I can explain further if desired), I think your friend has correctly identified what I personally believe is the strongest argument we have to pass Proposition K, namely that it is a question of priorities and how the city government spends its resources, particularly asking people whether they would rather have their money spent going after people having consensual sex, or after violent criminals committing homicides, rapes, robberies, etc. Of course not everyone here agrees with me! Given the variety of perspectives and personalities, it seems unlikely we'll focus on a single "mantra" for the campaign. But in some ways I think it's a sign of the health of our movement that members of the sex work community have diverse perspectives that they believe in too strongly to force into a single artificial script for the sake of (possible) short-term political gain. The qualities that make cats difficult to herd, also make them difficult to enslave! Let a thousand flowers bloom!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))