Super urgent!

Dear Dr. Mike;

There is an old saying: " fly low and collect the dough". What this refers to is not going off the grid as it were but by taking full advantage of the cash speaks loudest economy and forgoing having an employer. As an example in your business you are the employer and you could go cash or barter or some type of in-kind trade offs - why take credit cards or checks - it's so messy.

Yes the law could make it extremely difficult for anyone who has the need to work for an employer and who would have to prove who they were to each employer. However, today there are literally millions of people working for cash - and I don't mean illegal immigrants - as illegals boost the millions to 10's of millions - off the books under the table and so on.

As for the black market for ID's wow - what a fantastic business that could become - and just think of all the government workers you could bribe to look the other way and issue "false" positive ID's. It's happening today and it happened yesterday and it will happen tomorrow.

Just like the War on Drugs made drugs profitable so will thge War on ID's make fake ID's profitable. That is of course if you aren't flying low and collecting the dough.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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