Suggestion - Let people comment on news items we post on our website


  I agree that the main articles should be by LPSF members -- what I
had in mind was something more like SFGate, where only the articles
are visible, but you can access the comments by clicking on a link.
They typically make the three most popular comments visible beneath
the articles (though you have to scroll down to see them and it
sometimes takes a bit longer to load that part of the page), but we
wouldn't have to do that. The comments they allow are also limited in
length, which is something we might do as well.

  But it seems to me that we would do better by hosting conversation on
our website than encouraging it on Facebook, because the website is a
forum we have more control over, and as I noted below, we *want* more
people visiting our website. Not that we shouldn't be using Facebook;
it is certainly another valuable tool, and I'm glad Ron has been
actively promoting it.

  By the way, don't know if Ron or anyone mentioned it to you, but we
had two new guests at the meeting yesterday (Vicki and Dennis) as well
as one guest who apparently came once a few months ago (Tony). One of
the new guests I was glad to see was a young black woman; when I asked
her, she told me she'd heard about us via Meetup. They all asked lots
of questions about libertarianism and our positions.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

No, I did not know about the guests; that's great. Glad Tony returned; he was very interested when he visited previously.

Regarding the website, I would have no problem with your putting that subject on the agenda again. I would probably vote "no"; but if Rob, our webmaster, says your proposal is doable and safe (no hacking, etc.), those present agree, and Rob has time to implement the idea on the website, great.