Suggestion - Let people comment on news items we post on our website

I can't recall whether we discussed this previously, but if there is
a ready way to do it, I think we should enable people to comment on
the news items we post on I see numerous potential
advantages, including driving more traffic to the site, making
visitors feel more empowered and valued, giving us feedback on how
people are perceiving the stuff we post, providing additional
information or corrections relevant to our posts, and putting us in
touch with new people who may be induced to come to meetings or
otherwise get involved.

  The only real negative I can see is that some people may post spam or
abusive or anti-libertarian comments. I personally don't have a
problem with allowing anti-libertarian comments, as they can always be
rebutted, and the other stuff can be deleted by us.

  What do you all think?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))