Successes in the Ron Paul Freedom Movement Make Legends.

Successes in the Ron Paul Freedom Movement Make Legends.

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Thu 6:15 PM May 28, 2009 at Cayce-West Columbia Library (more details below).
No charge. Room holds 45 only.
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We are honored that Trevor Lyman has moved to Columbia to work in our meetup.
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Welcome Trevor Lyman Assistant Organizer of

SC Successes in the Ron Paul Freedom Movement

There is an old adage:
"If you are not catching flak, you are not over the target."

Well, we have been hitting the target on a regular basis.
Enough so that Senator Lindsey Graham made a desperate attempt to stifle us at the SC Republican State convention.
He had with no success. He was booed, jeered, and heckled.
Then Governor Mark Sanford fired back calling himself a libertarian.

For more details visit:
Lindsey Graham Vs. the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

Here is the video where Lindsey suggests that libertarians leave the Republican Party. He directs us to "the exit sign".
Here is the video where Governor Mark Sanford fires back at Lindsey Graham in defense of Libertarians. This video, and the video of his speech that he made from the podium, made national news:
Vote in this poll: Sanford versus Graham

The Republican Party seems to have three different approaches for dealing with the Ron Paul freedom movement:

1) Several Republicans have lead us to believe, that if we would get involved in the Republican Party, we would be able restore the Republican Party to the principles that they still claim to represent. We now wonder how that could happen since the platform, and the resolutions, are prepared before the convention, and accepted as a package, on a voice vote, with no debate. This is what happened, without regard to the diligence with which a large number of the delegates sought to be heard.
Apparently one goal of the Republican Party is to recruit us out of the third parties, and other organizations, and to make us into "main stream" Republicans (whatever that is). Of course, they will have to find a way to overcome the influence of "Republicans" like Lindsey Graham. At the national level some other names also come to mind; such as Bush, Rockefeller, and Giuliani, just for starters. We saved the videos of the national primary debates, in case our memory starts to fail. We are still wondering: How much "lesser" is "the lesser of two evils"?

2) Simultaneously with the hand of friendship, which reaches out to us, there is also the boot from the likes of Lindsey Graham. While the boot of Lindsey Graham is still there trying to kick us out, or trying to stomp us out of existence, the hand of friendship becomes more difficult to reach. It is an inescapable conclusion that the Republican Party is struggling, on the inside, with a force that has no devotion to the principles that the Republican Party still claims to represent. Some of us know who those people are. Those who do not know will learn by visiting these links:

Ron Paul Dropped the Carroll Quiqley Bombshell

Conspiracy Fact, Accidental Theory

3) We stated that the Republican Party seems to have three different approaches for dealing with the Ron Paul freedom movement. With the understanding of the information in the links above, we might conclude that the third approach is not coming from the Republican Party at all, but from that force which has no devotion to the principles of Republican Party; but has usurped significant control. The third approach is to take CONTROL OVER the Ron Paul freedom movement, or to disrupt it. For more details visit:

The Cuckoo bird lays its eggs in another bird's nest instead of building its own. When the Cuckoo bird chicks mature, they throw out the chicks of the mother bird, and take control of the nest. Often the mother bird does not recognize this treachery, and winds up raising the invaders as her own. The Republican wing of the Republican Party had a standard bearer in Ron Paul, but they let the Democrats in sheep's clothing take control. If the Republican Party survives it will be by returning to the principles of liberty, less government, and lower taxes, as our constitution provides. Why would anyone support the totalitarian "tax and spend" agenda just because it has a Republican label? Those who want the totalitarian "tax and spend" agenda will find it better in the Democratic Party. Those who do not want the totalitarian "tax and spend" agenda will look for a pure and consistent champion of the principles of liberty, less government, and
lower taxes, as our constitution provides. What would be left for a Republican Party that is contaminated with the totalitarian "tax and spend" agenda? Nothing, Nada, Zip.

The people who control both parties seem to be apprehensive of Ron Paul because so many in the masses are now supporting his defense of liberty, and because Ron Paul cannot be corrupted.

Important meetup details: Thu 6:15 PM May 28, 2009

Cayce-West Columbia Library
1500 Augusta Rd
West Columbia, SC 29169
Subscribe to the group if you wish to RSVP. There is no charge.
The room holds only 45 people. RSVP and come early.


Phone number at the library: 803 794-6791

Phone number for organizers: 803 397-2968

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