Structure In The Pursuit of Strategy


I know you have put in a lot of time and effort distributing literature for the Michael Denny for Mayor Compaign, and I sure would like to see more of us join your efforts.

I would be happy to send out fundraising letters for street signs, but to whom? I would need guidance on this. Also, I would look for in-house resources first, before asking for cash. You have a heavy duty stapler; I can come up with a ladder. Do any of our Activists have a pickup truck, Suburban, or hatchback that could carry a ladder and signs? (I saw one of us in a pickup truck at the Height Street Fair, but I do not remember who). Has Mike Denny looked into the cost of signs, so we would know how much money we would need?

And...most importantly...we need three or four Activists to volunteer to spend one day or so climbing the ladder to put up the signs.

Also, doesn't the Campaign need a permit or some such thing to be able to put up signs?