Story on prostitution entrapment

I just read the “story” (if one can use that term for such a brief and non-detailed report) on your site about the 8 men in Grand Rapids being arrested in a prostitution entrapment scheme:

I and other sex workers and sex work rights advocates would appreciate more info on this – from the perspective of the victims, not just law enforcement. We believe responsible media outlets owe it to their community: There is no community consensus behind wasting taxpayer resources on entrapping people seeking to obtain consensual sexual services, something that a large portion of the public does not believe should be criminalized at all.

Some questions it would be nice to see Michigan Live address in a follow-up story:

• How much taxpayer money was spent on this operation?
• Who authorized it (names and positions of individuals)?
• Was any of the victims’ property confiscated?
• Which agencies or departments were involved?
• Which individuals were involved?
• At which “area hotel” did the entrapment take place?
• Did the hotel know their premises were being used for this purpose?
• What charges, if any, are the victims facing?
• What personal consequences or negative impacts on their lives, have the victims experienced as a result of the persecution?
• Would any of the victims like to give their side of the story?
• How many similar operations have been going on in the area, and if so, how much has been spent on them and where is that money coming from?
• What other law enforcement or public priorities are being sacrificed in order to devote resources to this kind of “sting"?
• Did any of the personnel involved in the entrapment have any conflicts of interest?

Thank you for your time in reading and providing a personal response to this letter. I would be happy to be interviewed as part of a more informative follow-up report – you’re welcome to contact me directly at the number below.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
Sex worker and Decriminalize Meetup organizer
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