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In today's top story...the mainstream media continues to ignore
-tape-ignored.html> the recently-released videotape
<> of CIA agent
Howard Hunt's confession to participating in the JFK assassination.
According to Hunt, then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson and CIA officer
Cord Meyer ordered and organized the assassination, which was a CIA
operation. Cord Meyer was then the head of Operation Mockingbird, the
CIA operation responsible for controlling the media. Hunt also named
David Morales, reportedly the CIA's top assassin during the 1960s, as a
key figure in the JFK assassination. The mainstream media's failure to
cover a CIA agent's deathbed confession to the CIA's murder of a sitting
president reveals that American democracy is a hollow sham. It also
reveals that the media has been and continues to be complicit in almost
half a century of high treason. Kudos to and for breaking this momentous story.

By Mike Adams
FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened
With Arrest If They Don't Pay Up
Investigative article by NaturalNews Editor Mike Adams describes an
ongoing campaign of harassment of beneficial herb suppliers by the
federal govenment. Adams calls on consumers to make a stand against this
trail of suppression.