Starchild Speaking Wed. (05/27/09)

It's free if you skip the dinner and arrive at 6:45 for Starchild's talk.

I'll be there for dinner. It's buffet vegan, and quite good.

                        Please join us for an exciting upcoming event:

                        This Wednesday 27 May at 6 PM., at the Red
Victorian, 1665 Haight St., San Francisco, enjoy a delicious, nutrient-dense
vegan meal made without sugar sweeteners or oil, and prepared by Patricia
Allen Koot, N.E., certified Nutrition Educator.

                        After the dinner, stay for "The Freedom Philosophy,"
presented by Starchild, libertarian activist.

                        Ten dollar minimum suggested donation will help
cover costs of putting on the dinner. RSVP to 707-774-1904 or email:

                        info@.... Presented as a service
to the community by Wellness Central, a California Nonprofit Corporation.

The people attending these Red Vic talks tend to be lefties. I encourage
LPSFers to attend, as it will be good testing grounds for our latest
approaches to speaking with the left. Perhaps we can make a convert or two,
or at least get a better idea of what works and what falls flat.

Warm regards, Michael


  Thanks for posting the notice. By the way, does anyone know who has the large Nolan Chart poster and easel? I'd like to use these for my presentation if possible.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Thanks for giving this talk!! Last time I saw the Nolan Chart was at the Pride Festival, and I would think the supplies went either with Rob or with Richard Newell or another EBL member. If you cannot find the easel, you might consider just bringing the larger Nolan Chart handouts and asking the guests to fill them out (maybe that way collect some names of interested folks too?). If you do not have any of those, I have some I can bring.