Starchild Speaker Event at Berkeley This Wednesday!

Greetings Fellow Bay Area Libertarians,

Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley's libertarian student organization, is
proud to announce our third guest lecture of the spring 2011 semester.
Libertarian Party activist and sex worker Starchild will be speaking this
upcoming *Wednesday, April 6th *at *7 PM *in *209 Dwinelle Hall* on the
Berkeley campus. The title of Starchild's talk is "How to Stop Hurting*
Other Species Without Hating Our Own" (* or at least minimize harm).

Virtually no one likes to see puppies or kittens tortured and killed, but
beyond a narrow range of compassion-inducing cases, we often close our eyes
to the plights of non-humans. How concerned should we be about the
conditions in which members of other species live? Should they be considered
to have rights, and if so, what legal protections should they have? Are
there dangers inherent in a worldview that values other creatures for their
own sake, and how far is going too far? Libertarian activist, sex worker,
and self-described radical Starchild will discuss these and related ideas
and their implications for the libertarian movement.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. Check out our Facebook Event for more

<>Cheers to
Casey Given
Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley

Hey Casey,

  Thanks for posting this. I put up all the fliers you gave me tonight around Sproul Plaza and may possibly come over tomorrow or Tuesday to post more. Is the document online somewhere?

  FYI everyone, the title is actually "WHY & How to Stop Hurting* Other Species Without Hating Our Own" (*or at least minimize harm)." And we're actually just planning to *meet* at 209 Dwinelle and then walk from there in a drum and candle-light procession to the actual location where the talk will happen, which is the much more convivial backyard patio area at 2521 College Avenue (cross street Dwight, a few blocks south of Bancroft). Hope to see lots of you there!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))