Starchild for Supervisor - Decent SF Chronicle coverage!

There's a decent article on the District 8 race in yesterday's Chronicle:

  The paragraphs related to me read:

"In San Francisco's District 8, which serves as the heart of gay life in the city, Supervisor Bevan Dufty is running for re-election against two challengers from the counterculture who worry that the party may be coming to an end in one of the quirkier parts of town."


"Another challenger, a professional escort, exotic dancer and porn star known as Starchild is running on a decidedly alternative Libertarian platform and said candidates like him don't get enough media attention.

"Currently facing prostitution charges in Fremont after a police sting last year, Starchild is urging the city to abandon its ban on handguns, saying, 'Armed gays don't get bashed.'

"He also thinks dogs should be allowed off-leash in city parks and, among other positions, wants to legalize prostitution, believes skateboarding and in-line skating should be allowed throughout San Francisco, and is pushing for a cap on city employee salaries at $99,000.

"Of Dufty, he said: 'He's not going to make any radical changes for the better or the worse.'

"He agrees with Rosenthal that during the supervisor's tenure, 'The character of the district has changed somewhat. It is less free-spirited.'"

  The Chron's reporter Charlie Goodyear called me earlier in the week, and I had a good conversation with him. I think that my griping about the paper's lack of coverage of Libertarians, and the media's insufficient attention to challengers in general, may have helped get me a little more play in the piece than I would have otherwise. Charlie barely asked me any questions, but I sent him some positions of mine along with the headshot photo he requested, and he referred to a few of those positions in his article.

  I also like that I am essentially portrayed as coming from the left, along with Alix Rosenthal (the headline is "San Francisco
Counterculture challenges Dufty in District 8 supervisor election").

  On the downside, the bulk of the article is still focused on my two more well-heeled and political establishment opponents.

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