Starchild for School Board Campaign Update - 7/19/04

Dear supporters and friends,

  I currently have 81 signatures plus perhaps another dozen that Rowen has in her possession from the Nader/Camejo appearance at Mission High School. Big thanks to Rowen for coming to help out there! The responses we got at that event seemed to be mostly favorable.

  Each signature reduces the $500 Board of Education filing fee by $.50, so I would need 1,000 signatures to offset the whole amount. I don't think that's going to happen and anticipate writing a check for a sizable amount of it out of pocket, but I'd like to put a bit more of a dent in that figure. Anyone registered to vote in San Francisco can sign, but the July 22 deadline is coming up fast.

  Unfortunately if I took home the piece of paper from our meeting where I wrote down the other people who volunteered to help me get signatures and how many they volunteered to get, I have not been able to find it. So if you were one of them, please give me a call ASAP so I can get you some forms. And if anyone else who didn't sign up is willing and able to help, that would be awesome.

  I have put together a simple text-based flier to hand out while gathering signatures, which I've sent to Bryce to post at The text is below. I'm going for a humorous, irreverent approach on the personal part, which I think will help me get attention and publicity. The plan part is all serious.

  I'm also going to be working on coming up with a campaign button in the near future. For those of you who don't know, I recently purchased a button-making machine, which I will also make available to other candidates and activists if you want to make buttons at cost.