Specific Objections have been filed against Thomas R. Stevens

I went to the Bronx Board of Elections to check the signatures I had

All the computer slots were filled and there was a waiting list. The person
in charge said that I would have to wait for several hours to get to use
one of the computers and then I would only be allowed to use it for two

There were teams of people checking the petitions. I do not know which
petitions they were checking but I assumed that it was of the major
candidates such as The Naked Guy and the Pervert. I doubt they would bother
with us small guys.

It would be just about impossible for anybody or even a team of several
people to check all or a significant part of my 4269 signatures they say
they checked.

Thus, I think they just decided to say that all of them are bad and let us
prove otherwise.

However, it is possible that one of the serious insider Republicans such
as Catsimatidis or Lhota would hire a team to have us kicked off the
ballot. The insider Republicans will want to keep the controls of the party
in their inside group. They will allow a billionaire like Bloomberg or
Catsimatidis buy their way in, but they will not allow us rank interlopers
to invade.

I believe that my slate will easily win this election, if we can get on the
ballot. My candidates are simply much better than theirs. Does anybody
sincerely want The Naked Guy, the Pervert, or Lhota or Catsimatidis to be
the next administration?

Sam Sloan

Hey Sam,
What's the lowdown? Are you supporting the LP gal against Spitzer? Are you in NYC frequently?


You are referring to Kristin Davis.

She asked me to run her as my candidate for Comptroller and I agreed.

Then John Burnett entered the race for Comptroller and she felt she had no
chance against him, so she decided to run for Public Advocate.


However, I already had a candidate for Public Advocate, Thomas R. Stevens,
and I could not kick him off to make room for her.

Therefore, I found somebody else to run for Comptroller.

Then, only two days later Spitzer entered the race to the surprise of

So, she switched again so she could run against him, and now wanted me to
kick my candidate for Comptroller off, but I could not break my commitment
to him. It was too late for me to change.

Also, the regular Libertarian Party of New York rejected her for the same
reason, that she kept changing her mind about what office she wanted to run

So, now she is running alone as a "Libertarian Candidate" whereas the
regular Libertarian Party of New York is running a walk-in named Hashim El
Malaki who just showed up at the meeting and said that he wanted to run but
nobody knows anything about him.

Holy Toledo!
Nothing is simple is it?