Speaking of Initiatives


  You're not talking about mere public relations. What you describe below is art! We need more art. A problem is that few people in the LP seem to be thinking that creatively or seeking to make things like you suggest happen. I see three basic alternatives:

(1) We continue along as we have been
(2) We learn to make and do bold, creative art ourselves
(3) We attract the kind of bold, artistic and creative people who do these things into the party

  As I see it, option #1 means stagnation. Option #2 is part of the solution, but getting enough people to change that much could be difficult. Meaning we must rely most on option #3. So let's ask ourselves, how do we attract more boldly artistic and creative people into the party?

  Here's one sample idea: Instead of the LNC hiring people to write direct mail fundraising letters and paying to send them out, use the money to hire people to organize free outdoor concerts and take out ads promoting them. Then have our best fundraisers take to the stage between sets to raise donations from the crowd.

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