Speaking of Initiatives/Bold Moves!

Lynette Shaw who is our Lieutenant Governor candidate is a singer in a band. I think we could use her as the nucleus, and advertise for other bands and performers willing to come and play for free. I've got a friend who does a lot of volunteer stage managing for benefit shows -- she might be persuaded to do the same for us. Probably knows some good people to ask to perform, too.

  I've never been too sure how you get hold of celebrities, but I think perhaps there are people in the entertainment industry who specialize in that. We could draft a letter and pay one of those types some money to get it into the hands of anybody famous who they think might be willing to come play a benefit show for us. All we would really need is to hit the jackpot once with a group or artist that everyone has heard of agreeing to play. Doesn't even have to be music. The South Park guys are appearing in Amsterdam for the Reason Foundation. They would be a big draw.

  Personally I'd love to MC a concert and do fun(d)raising. I don't have much experience in that area, but it would be fun to give it a shot.

Yours in liberty,
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