Sorry - Let's Try That Again - THREE Articles From The Bay Guardian

Dear Everyone;

Sorry about them other two postings being blank. Yah gotta watch how you save a draft. And I don't mean the military kind either.

Here are three articles from the latest Bay Guardian of interest showing how Bruce Brugmann and his ilk and the Stupidvisors don't gotta clue.

The first concerns the Local 2 union reaction to California Culinary Academy students crossing picket lines to work in hotel kitchens as temp replacement workers. The reaction of the Local 2 union workers says it all. Join the union or don't get a job and if you are a CCA student don't expect to work at a union hotel getting the necessary experience you need to graduate. Right to work laws? Who needs right to work laws?

Next an editorial on the $97 Million in cuts needed over the next year and half because the " relatively modest tax measures " were rejected by the voters. Then the article goes on about raising taxes one way or another. Nowhere is anything said about cutting the bloated executive payrolls, pay and compensation. Or thoroughly reviewing each department to see just what the heck they really are doing with how many people and how many could be outsourced to private companies. When you consider the latest news had school superintendent Ackerman getting a hefty pay bump and Susan Leal taking over the PUC after negotiating a hefty pay package you have to wonder if the clowns on the Board of Stupidvisors have even a little bit of a clue. The Guardian people sure don't.

Then of course, the editorial is highlighted by a sob story and a full story inside the Guardian.

I think we need to look at a voter Proposition to limit all pay and benefits to a maximum of $100,000 per year for all City employees.

Lastly, another regular Guardian story on Ellis Act evictions. Once again, Brugman and the Stupidvisors don't understand if you have rent control backed up by NIMBY's the value of property climbs based on demand for housing. When you don't allow new rental construction anywhere near the volume needed to meet demand and regular housing is limited to new high rise condos because that's where the money is then there will be Ellis Act evictions. The people would have places to go if in essence there wasn't a moratorium on new rental housing construction.

You ask - have you ever sent e-mails to the Guardian refuting their stance on taxes and condos and new rental housing and cutting City spending anytime such an article appears??? Care to take any bets?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian