Some pics & notes from the Cindy Sheehan campaign opening Saturday, including photo of yours truly

As noted at the LPSF social that day, I didn't hear anything from Sheehan or the other speakers that made me particularly enthused about her campaign. The stuff I liked -- mostly the talk of impeachment and some of the slams against Bush -- I already expected. There was a KCBS crew there and I got in front of the camera and talked about how Pelosi has refused to debate her challengers since she first ran for office, and how the media and the public should hold her accountable for it. I doubt they'll use the footage though.

  But I did get to talk to Cindy briefly, and that was productive. I made the same point to her about Pelosi, and asked Cindy to promise that she won't participate in any exclusionary debates if Pelosi tries to debate only her and not her other challengers. She delighted me by giving a *very* non-political answer, saying she'd tell Pelosi "f--- you" if she wanted an exclusive debate. She does seem to be refreshingly straightforward and blunt for a candidate, saying exactly what she feels. She assured me with absolutely no equivocation that "you have my promise" not to participate in a debate to which all the candidates weren't invited. That pledge alone was "worth the price of admission" as the saying goes -- I have a feeling that Sheehan is enough of a public figure that, unlike her previous challengers, Pelosi may not be able to avoid debating her. Which would mean, assuming Cindy keeps her word, that our candidate gets into the debate too. And a debate between Pelosi and Sheehan would likely get national, maybe even international, coverage.

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