Some miscellaneous info heard on KALW radio, 7/25/07

-Average yearly cost of incarcerating a CA prisoner - $40,000
-Prisoners incarcerated in California - 173,000 (the most of any state and 73,000 more than system was built to accommodate)
-Parolees in California - 127,000

  Robert Ayres, longtime warden of San Quentin being interviewed on the show, said parolees are just released at the prison gate with a bus ticket to get to where they're going. They're supposed to meet with parole officers in 48 hours, but in the meantime they are on their own with no one there to kind of ease their transition back into society. He says recently however they have started to work with faith-based groups who volunteer to pick up parolees and take them where they need to go. Perhaps this is a service that Libertarians could also get involved with? Good outreach opportunity -- surely a lot of these people getting out of prison have no love for the system.

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