Some insights that just came my way

Some of this is a bit vague, but I think there's also some wisdom here.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>

SELF RESPONSIBILITY: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Self Love is always the first step. Focus on your own inner healing and connection with the divine. Be a clear channel for the shift we are in and humanity's evolution.

CULTIVATE INNER GUIDANCE & INTUITION: Attune to inner knowing, synchronicity and divine will. Connect with srource and the flow of the universe.

MASTER MANIFESTION: Focus on what you want. With the power of intention and awareness, consciously evolve your life in alignment with divine will. We create lives thought by thought, choice by choice, action by action, day by day.

HOLD THE INTENTION and VISION FOR A POSITIVE WORLD: Our combined focus will create it so. Honor the process of change, knowing that we are birthing a new world. Choose for the collective good, planning for seven generations, and honoring all beings.

BUILD COMMUNITY: Joining in collaboration, deep communication and communion. We have powerful opportunities now to strengthen our network and relationships. Our interrelatedness is a valuable and vital resource for building our sustainable future together. Get connected and stay connected, educated, organize and mobilize.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Embody an attitude of gratitude, walking a path of grace and appreciation. Experience gratefulness for challenges as they are the agents of change and our greatest teachers.

SIMPLICITY: Feel through the inevitable and natural complexity of life and the apparent chaos we sometimes experience to the core of what is essential--and keep your focus there. Slow down, breathe, open to childlike innocence and Play!