So, what's the LPSF position on the Occupy movement"?

Well, that's encouraging. I'm not sure what you mean by "ethereal"
though; if you mean the points I listed are too vague, and you want to
see more specificity, your suggestions are welcome. I guess I was
thinking more in terms of a broad sense of where libertarians are
coming from on the topic than a detailed analysis.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Thank you Starchild and Phil. How about tomorrow we refine Starchild's list, work in Phil's idea of we totally understand but we have reservations about some of the violence and some of the ideas borne of indoctrination, and throw in my (and I believe Michael E.'s) bit about property.

Sorry I am running this into the ground, but one side of the occupier's message is too crucial for us to remain mum about (undue corporate power is not good), and the other side is too dangerous for libertarians to ignore (more government involvement in education, healthcare, regulation).


Hi Marcy, Starchild, and All! I've just been reading all the posts, and I'm wondering if we're talking about the same movement at all. The difference between Starchild's list below and Marcy's link to the OWS's demands is like day and night. Their demands are crazy--almost all except ending the war on drugs, ending the overseas wars, and separation of church and state. We should never support groups advocating more government in our lives, and they definitely want more government. However, when I read Starchild's list, they sound almost Libertarian. Something is amiss here. To me, they seem misguided. We should support their right to assemble peacefully on public, not private, property, as long as they don't disrupt everyone else's lives. We should also support the few Libertarian-leaning ideas of theirs, like ending the military/drug wars and no bailouts, but none of their collectivist suggestions. And no, they should not
have the right to have an accident on someone's desk!


Hi Aubrey,

EXACTLY! My posts follow a view similar to yours. I like the list format, which allows us to say "this good" - "this not so good " about the occupiers.