Slash SFPD Stash


There is a movement called Slash SFPD Stash that seeks to defund the police
in SF. I think this is a perfect opportunity for Libertarians to get
involved, introduce ourselves and build a coalition on this issue. "Maximum
freedom, minimum government." I would be willing to reach out to these
folks. Is anyone else interested?


What would our position be: stop enforcing victimless crime laws?

Dr. Edelstein, yes, that's what I have in mind.


I may be interested depending on what I would be doing to help. Please let me know at your convenience. Thanks.


I'm certainly interested. Where did you hear about this, Richard? Do you have any contact info?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Starchild, I heard about it from the SF Chronicle. I don't have a
subscription, but I signed up for e-mails about SF political events and it
was in a link. Unfortunately, I had used up my 3 free "views" so I'm not
able to share it. If I run across a similar article with the same info,
I'll pass it along. A Google search for this organization tells me they're
largely socialist, however if we restrict our involvement to this specific
issue (defunding the police, stopping the enforcement of victimless crimes)
I think a coalition is a worthy endeavor for the goals of the LPSF and
Liberty at large.