Skateboard Task Force appointment -- past the first hurdle

I appeared at the Skateboard Task Force meeting tonight, and the seven members present voted unanimously to recommend my appointment to the body. Their recommendation will be sent in a letter written by task force chair Ted Loewenberg to the Rules Committee of the Board of Supervisors, which will then vote to seat me or not.

  The members of the Rules Committee are Matt Gonzalez (District 5), Sophie Maxwell (District 10), and Michaela Alioto-Pier (District 2). I don't know when their meeting will take place, but I'll let you know when I find out. That's when it could be important to have people out for public support.

  From what I could see, the members of the Skateboard Task Force appear to be generally pro-skating, although for some it may be more lip service than others. Unfortunately their current focus seems to be more on pushing the city to build a skate park than to repeal bad anti-skating laws.

Yours in liberty,
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