Sign the petition to rescue our Libertarian Party platform

The more people who sign the petition at then the more
likely we'll be able to rescue the Libertarian Party platform from the
so-called "reformers."

We've now released the Restoration Caucus proposal for the 2008
platform. If the lack of a clear proposal was what had been keeping you
from signing the petition, then please read the draft, and
sign the petition.

We're happy to hear feedback about the draft, and we're working on
getting the Platform Committee to make this proposal at least a minority
report, if not the majority report, of the committee. If all else
fails, David Nolan will make a motion from the convention floor to
remove consideration of the Platform Committee report from the agenda
and instead use the time to consider the Restoration Caucus proposal.

This is very important. The current Platform Committee draft does not
mention the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Real ID Act, or even
the War in Iraq. In addition, it's the first platform in the history of
the Libertarian Party that isn't pro-choice. I have no doubt that this
Republican-lite platform will fail to win the 2/3 majority required for
its adoption in Denver. But I also don't want us to be stuck with the
current remnants-only platform that we came out of Portland with in
2006. This is why we must convince the Platform Committee to keep the
2006 planks intact, restore the 2004 planks that were deleted in 2006,
and merely make adjustments to the restored platform by combining
similar planks and re-wording without removing ideas altogether. This
is what the Restoration Caucus proposal does. I hope you will support it: