Sheehan Responds To Support For Her Run Against Pelosi

Here's an e-mail message sent by Sheehan this morning that mentions tomorrow
as the day she'll decide whether to run. Since Pelosi once again refused to
move forward on impeachment in a Saturday interview, it would appear that
Sheehan will run.

Time's Up, Congress!
Impeach Now!
Journey for Humanity and Accountability, Day 14
Cindy Sheehan

Our Constitution established a tri-partite system of
government, with the notion that each branch of
government would act as a check on the other two.
Unfortunately, for the last six years, the Republicans
in Congress have largely viewed themselves as
defenders of the Bush Administration, instead of a
vital check on overreaching by the Executive Branch.
By doing so, I believe they have acted to the
detriment of our Constitutional form of government.

We have seen so many transgressions by this
Administration that it is easy to forget last week's
scandal amid this week's new outrage. I am hopeful
that compiling all of these events of the last few
years will help wake all of us up to the gravity of
these matters and the cumulative damage to our
Congressman John Conyers, Constitution in Crisis
July 31, 2006

Congressman Conyers wrote this brilliant and stinging
indictment of BushCo almost a year ago. The booklet
outlines and expounds on the crimes of the Bush
Regime, and my question for him the last time we met
in May, was: What has the President and Vice President
done since the Dems regained both houses of Congress
in January to miraculously become "innocent" of
treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors?

Today we march from Arlington to Congress.

We arrived in DC yesterday from Crawford, Tx after two
weeks of our journey.

Twenty-five (sometimes a little more, sometimes a
little less) of us have traveled from town to town
where we were almost universally welcomed with a small
amount of protest mostly in the form of the
foul-mouthed and gnarly-breathed, Gathering of Eagles
(they call us "hippies" "dirty"). All along the way we
have encountered our fellow Americans who are sick and
fed up with the crimes of BushCo and the slaughter in
the Middle East.

Today we will march from Arlington Cemetery where
absolutely no desecration is planned by our group, but
where desecration has been committed on a daily basis
by the neocon war mongers who use our troops unwisely,
illegally, immorally and for monetary and political

When we arrive at Congressman John Conyer's (D-Mi,
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) office
today we will arrive with over one million signatures
on petitions to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney.
We will arrive with the sentiments of the majority of
Americans on our side. We will arrive with a thirst
for justice and armed with the truth and compassion
for our children serving in Iraq and our brothers and
sisters who have had to suffer there under the
corporate greed of US war profiteers.

The other day in San Diego, Rep. Conyers told an
audience that he would go forward with impeachment if
3 other members joined him, well he has 15 other
members already signed on H(Res) 333 which is Articles
of Impeachment for Dastardly Dick introduced by Rep.
Dennis Kucinich. Both Rep. Conyers and Speaker Pelosi
need to be reminded of what their constitutional
duties are and must be forced to act now before it is
too late. I wonder how many more of our troops and
Iraqis they are willing to sacrifice on the altar of
partisan politics?

Today there will be dozens of us who will sit-in
Congressman Conyer's office until he agrees to do the
right thing and we will risk arrest if he doesn't. We
are doing it because we profoundly believe that
accountability in the form of impeachment is
imperative to restore the rule of law and to protect
the future from an executive branch that has run amok.

We march for peace. We sit for accountability.

On Tuesday, July 24th, I may become a candidate in
California's 8th district. The balls' in Congress'
court now. I hope they come through for us.