Sharp Park Rifle Range

The Recreation & Park Commission agenda I received in the mail for their April 2 meeting (4:00 p.m., City Hall, Room 416) mentions under "Communications" that they received over 700 emails "in regard to Sharp Park." The only thing on their agenda that gives a clue is an item titled "Award a construction contract to clean up Sharp Park Rifle Range (Date to be Determined)."

  Anyone know or recall what this is about?

  All of those emails should be part of the public record. I know with the Board of Supervisors it used to be possible to just look through all the communications they received, but last year(?) they changed the policy so that you have to request a specific piece of communication in order to be able to look at it, rather than just being able to browse through them. I think their excuse was protecting the privacy of people who write to the Board. Terrible step backward for openness and accountability! Not sure what Rec & Park's policy is on this.

  Their office phone is 481-2317, and Rec & Park Commission President Jim Lazarus can be reached at <recpark.commission@...> if anyone wants to inquire.

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