@SFPride & Sunday 3 July ( Body ) FREEDOM #WNBRsf2022

Honorable ChairMan Mendes:

Do You have any Plan for an SFLP activity for Independence Day Weekend — given how the #USgovt holy day misrepresents FREEDOM/Liberty as it celebrates past milatarism which has always financially & morally bankrupted Our Nation — if not @SFPride & the hordes of individuals, historically oppressed by #USgovt tyranny & bigotry, & press/msmSnews who will descend into the area looking for engaging relevant stories about the liberating spirit of the festivities given the historic & peerless stance of the LP on privacy & not meddling in folks’ bedrooms & purses ? Or simply Plans to capitalize on the even purely to do some outreach to grow the party & vet some potential candidates ?

If One cannot be Proud of OneSelf without hiding behind over-priced designer labels or fetish gear & or identify obscuring makeup — In ONE’S Own Bare Skin — what is @SFPride really promoting, SelfWorth or corporate sponsorship ?

For those who are FREE & dare to roll #BareAsYouDare from the Embarcadero to City Hall & The Castro & The Haight & #JoinTheFun for an AfterParty in The Castro afterwards, We would LOVE to have You join us as we deliver a peaceful petition, with our own bodies, to local SF leaders to:

  1. Make our streets SAFE for all road users, at the very least by following suit with Washington DC leaders who, years ago, slowed all traffic speeds to protect human lives on city streets; &
  2. For once & for all, “REPEAL the bigoted prejudicial & discriminatory SF MPC§154,” as George Davis demanded last month; &
  3. Peacefully Protest #USgovt & its local minions shameless crony cor•po•RAT•ism ( as Dr @RonPaul calls it ) that is undermining our economy & civil society; &
  4. Or any other cause ( “anti-racism”? with our multi-ethnic group of riders ); &
  5. Enjoy having a blast soaking up all the love urban nudists get from an overwhelming & heartwarming number of local & tourist fans along the ride route & during the AfterParty.

Demonstrating that the #WNBRsf2022 franchise is growing in popularity & catering to demand, on 11 June 2022, Linda Weber aka “Blonde Giraffe” Director @AANRwesternregion @AANR_nudism came all the way up from Her digs in Southern California just to #JoinTheFun of a @SFWNBR for the very first time. It’s an unforgettable experience no local libertarian should pass up.

Come #JoinTheFun!
Sunday 3 July 2022 San Francisco World Naked Bike Ride Body Freedom Invitational

11am Gathering
12pn/Noon START
“Cupid’s Arrow” / Rincon Park
The Embarcadero & Folsom Street

San Francisco, California 94105

There is plenty of convenient motor vehicle parking in secure lots along The Embarcadero as well as open surface street public lots ( check google ).

As with previous San Francisco #WNBR rides this year, the Independence Day Weekend Ride on SUNDAY will roll encompass about 15miles ( over 2-3 hours, slow paced with stops ) passed several iconic nationally recognized tourist sites along the scenic Embarcadero ( Giants Stadium & Chase Center ) to City Hall for a brief photo op ( & nearby restroom pitstop ), through the Valencia Street Arts Festival to the infamous Castro Street / Neighborhood; the last leg of the ride for the willing & able will also include the rock & roll famous Haight Ashbury Neighborhood ( digs to Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Janice Joplin & their shack mates ) & a few NUDIST FRIENDLY retail merchants. The afterParty will, as always be back in the Castro, where there is an extensive list of NUDIST FRIENDLY businesses who — without any #SFgovt man•dates or laws or regulations — care more about our Green Backs than what’s we’re sporting on our backs & fronts.

There will be a small contingent rolling NUDE back to The Embarcadero in the afternoon for those who park their vehicles downtown.

All mobilities are welcome ( cyclists, skateboarders, roller skis, skaters, … even motorcycles & automobilists carrying #BareAsYouDare NUDIST or who wish the serve as marshals in the front or rear of the parade ).

Our GREAT Friends at @TheSequoians NUDIST/NATURIST club/resort/spa/retreat have graciously offered to give us 20 FREE INTRODUCTORY 7hr/DAY PASSES to give to the first 10 LADIES & 10 GENTS who complete the #BareAsYouDare Sunday 3 July Body Freedom #WNBRsf2022 in The Castro ( albeit it’s not a race, just fun leisurely roll ).

Come Join the Fun! It’s an experience like none other on Earth!