SFO TSA Protest 24 Nov.

Does anyone know who's organizing this?

If we're to get the message out, it's important to tell people the specific



  You're the main organizer, didn't you know? :wink:

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Michael,

Sheila Dean, who first alerted LPSF to this event, today left a message in my voice mail that she is not feeling well at all, and therefore would not be participating. I checked the Ron Paul Meetup Group, and the are a couple of "Maybe", but no concrete decision on place, time, etc.

Personally, I have been "opting out" since 2001, when the TSA took over the airports, and have been encouraging others to do the same ever since via the written word. So, my feeling right now is that I will continue on that path. I just placed a short article on the subject on the LPSF website.

However, that is not to say that if anyone in LPSF wants to forge ahead with this event I would not be delighted!


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