SFDebate (Commonwealth Club) Meetup tomorrow - "This House Supports the Right to Public Nudity in San Francisco"

Sorry for the short notice, but wanted to let everyone know that the SF Debate Meetup hosted as a project of the Commonwealth Club's Inforum group which meets every 2 weeks on Tuesday evening to debate a different public policy topic will be debating nudity tomorrow night (a topic I suggested). If you support legal body freedom, I encourage you to come out and weigh in.

  Anyone can show up and participate (you do not need to RSVP to the Meetup group below, although they appreciate it), but if you are not a Commonwealth Club member it is $5. Usually 15-20 people attend, most of them regulars. The format is that after taking a poll of everyone's positions prior to the debate, two pre-selected people will give presentations on the resolution, one pro and one con. Then the floor is open for everyone to take turns speaking in debate. After an hour or so the two presenters make closing arguments, and then it goes around the table with everyone saying his or her final post-debate position on the issue. Generally there is free cheap wine and beer to drink, for those who care about such things (that's what your $5 helps pay for).

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))