[SFBayCannabisCommunity] Who's making unfair profits? [Re: ASA has just confirmed a DEA raid on a medical cannabis dispensing collective in Bakersfield]

Just wanted to give this one a bit wider circulation, as I thought some of you would appreciate it! 8)

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Let's not forget that asset forfeiture and the prison-industrial complex are big businesses too. The jackboots make a handsome profit off every 'bust' they make. Whenever they seize cash at a drug raid, you can bet 90% of it never makes it into evidence. Sort of like their version of 'tipping'.

During the 8 years of the Bush Regime, law enforcement and corrections were two of the only economic sectors that actually grew while all other producutive market sectors declined.

On a tripp to Baltimore a TSA guy helped me to the curb to find a cab late at night. He was a retired Baltimore County cop and related to me how his buddies loved to do raids because they got paid to put on and take off all the protective paraphanelia, and this often was sceduled for overtime. He was thrilled when I told him about law enforcement against prohibitiion.

There are plenty of stories out there too about cops who carry around drugs they've confiscated from raids so the can plant them on 'suspects' later on.