[SFBayCannabisCommunity] Re: [Save Cannabis] LAWS and TAXES and... Don't forget who owns your body!


  One more thing I can't help commenting on. You wrote, "I do agree from keeping clubs away from schools".

  In the name of all that's good and true, WHY???

  Children are NOT harmed by seeing people use marijuana, or smelling it, let alone merely seeing where marijuana is sold! Crafting public policy as if the lies of the authoritarians were true is not going to do them or anyone any favors.

  If officials really believed their own lies on this topic and it wasn't just another excuse to try and keep our community criminalized and marginalized for the benefit of those in control, they would prohibit SCHOOLS from locating near DISPENSARIES and not just the other way around!

  I also notice you refer to us needing more "card holders" in government, by which I presume you mean medical cannabis cards.

  This is how we get trapped. They build up this false construct, and if you accept any part of it, you soon find yourself logically trapped in this maze of phony rationalizations and restrictions, tricked into conceding the legitimacy of their paradigm in a vain attempt to carve out a little breathing space within it where you can exist and look reasonable by their standards. But it's a fool's hope, because their standards are not reasonable. They are based on premises that are fundamentally incompatible with truth and justice.

  I know you didn't mean any harm, but you've implicitly connected the idea of possessing a cannabis card with being well qualified to be making rules and laws for us. And who issues and controls those cards? You already generally have to pay for your card if you want one. Then they become mandatory instead of voluntary. Then the price of the cards goes up, making them an easy tool to extort more money from us. And meanwhile they've got everybody in a database for easier monitoring and control. Then they start rounding up the people on the list of cardholders and sending them off to concentration camps. No, it won't always go that far. Most times of course it doesn't. But it can.

  And when the worst happens, it happens in part because well-intentioned people were too ready to unquestioningly accept a preposterous, evil idea, because it seemed like a mark of political acceptance, or a convenience, or just like a reasonable, "pragmatic" thing to go along with. Such as the idea that you need a card to show that you have permission to smoke a plant.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))