[SFBayCannabisCommunity] Pelosi challenger John Dennis not allowed to speak at ASA protest


  You've got to be kidding. "Exploit patients and the community"?! He's on our side! Shouldn't we *welcome* prominent people in the community who come to our events and want to speak in support of our cause?

  If you know *nothing* about John Dennis or his agenda, all I can say is you haven't been following SF politics that closely, because he ran against Pelosi two years ago, when he was also her principle challenger. Here are a few links so you can become more informed:

http://sfappeal.com/news/2010/09/tea-partier-parties-with-pot.php (according to this link, John already *has* attended ASA meetings!)
http://drugpolicycentral.com/bot/article/fogcityjournal11894.htm (this article about the protest correctly notes his drug reform stance, and also notes he was denied the opportunity to speak)

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